Our mission is to help our clients navigate their personal investment landscapes and empower them to make confident financial decisions.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience  as we guide them through the conceptualization and implementation of strategies aimed at growing, preserving and/or transferring wealth.

"Our value to clients  is rooted in the core of our professional and personal values"

  • Effective management and application of resources
  • Efficient communication with clients; aligning risk/reward expectations with suitability
  • A focus on education for an understanding not only of the investment vehicles but, also, of the investment environment and how it relates to specific client circumstances
  • A commitment to placing what is right for the client before what is profitable for ourselves

Joel S. Vergel de Dios

Financial Consultant / LPL Branch Manager

(928) 637-6446

Joel graduated from the Vesalius College – University of Brussels in Belgium in 1991 with a degree in Business Economics. Born in the Philippines and raised in Europe, Joel understands the nuances of relating to individuals of...

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